UNi-PRO is Australia’s premier wholesaler of domestic and commercial paint products and accessories. There are hundreds of UNi-PRO products – from brushes and trays to scrapers, tapes and drop sheets – designed to suit every budget and skill level.

Established in 1980, UNi-PRO is an Australian, family-owned company with more than 50 professional staff nationwide, and full warehousing facilities in Queensland, Victoria, and Western Australia. UNi-PRO is a respected and senior supplier to more than two dozen retail partners, including Australia’s largest hardware stores and trade paint outlets, and an important participant in Australia’s ever-growing DIY and professional painting markets.

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Paint Craft 2 Piece Synthetic Brush Set

2 piece synthetic brush set. 50mm and 75mm synthetic wall brushes with plated ferrule and resin handle. Perfect for in store clip strips.

Paint Craft 230mm Roller Kit

Ideal for all interior and exterior surfaces, ceilings, eaves lining.

UNi-PRO 100mm Microfibre Mini Roller Kit – 10mm nap

Pro quality mini roller kit suitable for use with flat & low sheen paints to deliver a super smooth finish. Ideal for use on multiple smooth surfaces.

UNi-PRO 230mm Roller on a Pole DIY

230 mm acrylic cover, DIY cage frame with twist-lock 0.85 – 1.55 meter extension pole. Ideal for flat & low sheen acrylic paints.

UNi-PRO 3 Pack Brush Touch Up Set

Pure bristle. Ideal for touch ups and art projects. Perfect for in store clip strips.

UNi-PRO 75mm Microfibre Roller Kit – 10mm nap

Suitable for use with acrylic paints for a smooth, low sheen & flat finish. The threaded handle fits all standard extension poles.