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Rocky Point ActivGrow Soil Improver 30L

ActivGrow is a well-balanced soil improver designed for the home gardener to reinvigorate vegetable gardens and tired soils.

Rocky Point Cacti & Succulent Mix 22L

For brilliant growing results in small format potted plants Bonsai Cacti Succulent is a professional grade multi-purpose potting mix designed and used in production nurseries and made available for you to use at home.

Rocky Point Coco Pro Professional Potting Mix 30L

Versatile potting mix for indoor and outdoor plants - with 40% Coir.

Rocky Point Cow Manure Plus 30L

Certified organic this enriched blend of composted, mature cow manure is a natural choice for any gardener looking to grow healthy produce at home.

Rocky Point Eco Potting Mix 25L

Used in pots, planters or garden beds this all-purpose mix aerates, retains moisture, and delivers essential nutrients into the plants.

Rocky Point Native Mix 30L

Specifically formulated to provide an ideal growing environment for natives Rocky Point‘s Native Mix releases quality fertiliser into the soil for 9 months.