Prydes Easifeed

As promised from day one, personal service and quality will never be compromised.

Nearly 30 years down the track, Pryde’s EasiFeed continues to stand as a proud Australian family business. Based in Gunnedah on the Liverpool plains, Pryde’s is the only facility of its type producing extruded cubes, extruded sweet feeds and pellets on three separate production lines.

Dedicated to equine, Pryde’s EasiFeed falls under the SFMA regulations FeedSafe Accreditation Program.

With emphasis placed on family, quality and service all three pillars have become the foundations on which Pryde’s have built their business.

Strong domestic sales and growing export market, driven by our production, sales and sponsored rider teams all contribute to make Pryde’s what it is today.

I look forward to continuing to work alongside my family and staff in the future, providing for you, our valued customer, the quality and service you deserve.

- Peter Pryde: Managing Director of Pryde's EasiFeed®

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BioMare Cubes

25kg. Extruded Cubes. A one feed solution for breeding farms; BioMare Cubes are scientifically balanced to support fertility and milk production in broodmares + growth and sound development in weanlings, yearlings and 2 year olds. Part of the Pryde's Easifeed range.


20kg. Chaff & Grain replacer. Cool Super-Fibre pellet for extra calories and protein.

EasiPrep Concentrate

25kg. Show and Sale Preparation. Concentrated formulation allows you to add your own grains or any of the feed from the Pryde’s EasiFeed range when additional calories are needed. Part of the Pryde's Easifeed range.

EasiRide Pellets

20kg. Cool energy feed suitable for pony club mounts, working horses and breakers where calm behaviour is of the utmost importance. Part of the Pryde's Easifeed range.


25kg. Controlled Performance. Complete Nutrition extruded cube feed for Topline, Condition & Endurance. For use with Equestrian, Sport Horses, Performance Horses and Endurance Horses. Part of the Pryde's Easifeed range.

Old Timer Four

25kg. Aged Horse Care. An extruded sweet feed nourishing your Horse during its precious twilight years. Part of the Pryde's Easifeed range.