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CoolWRAP Reusable Cooling Bandage

Kelato's CoolWRAP is an reuseable cooling & compression bandage providing relief from heat, inflammation and pain associated with injury, aches, strains, bites and allergic reactions.

Kelato Cooling Gel 500g

CoolingGEL is a topical cooling and soothing gel for horses. CoolingGEL rapidly evaporates, providing a cooling effect to soothe and refresh the body and legs after hard work. CoolingGEL helps relieve the soreness in bruised and fatigued muscles and limbs

Kelato Cooling Liquid 500mL

CoolingLIQUID provides a value for money concentrate that when diluted with water provides up to 10L of cooling liquid. Use CoolingLIQUID to recharge Kelato’s CoolWRAP Bandages or turn a horse rug or towel into an instant cool garment.

Kelato Cotton Wool

Highly absorbent cotton wool for stabling, transport and injury

Kelato Cotton Wool & Gauze 250g

Highly absorbent cotton wool in a low adherent (non-sticking) tubular gauze cover.

Kelato Cotton Wool & Gauze 500g

Highly Absorbent cotton wool in a low adherent (non-sticking) tubular gauze cover. 500g is 30cm wide and 3.5m long.