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Hay & Chaff

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Grassy Lucerne Square Bales

Baled in the Cooloola Region. Fresh off farm. Nice heavy hay bales. Approximately a 50/50 blend of pasture grasses and prime lucerne.

Prime Lucerne Chaff

Quality Lucerne chaff. Chaffed here onsite with a traditional chaff cutter and the best quality local hay.

Triple Blend Chaff

Blended chaff - Prime Lucerne, Barley Hay and Oaten Hay. Chaffed onsite in Imbil. Large heavy bags from Fresh local Hay.

Oaten Chaff

Quality Oaten Chaff cut on site. From hay sourced from the Cooloola Region.

Prime Lucerne Square Bales

Quality Heavy Prime Lucerne square bales. Baled in the Cooloola region direct from farm. Great quality and care taken in the making of this hay.

Barley Square Bales

Barley square bales. Direct from farms in the Cooloola region.