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Rocky Point Multi Purpose Coarse Sand 20kg

A clean, versatile sand ideal for home and trade applications. Coarse sand is made from double washed crushed sandstone, making it a fantastic option for your home projects.

Rocky Point Super Clean Fine Sand 20kg

Super Clean Sand has been double washed and graded, making it a fantastic option for your home projects.

Brunnings Propagating Sand 5L

Brunnings Propagating Sand is a coarse grade sand that is ideal for cuttings, cactus and orchid back bulbs and to add to heavy clay soils to improve the drainage and prevent the clay particles sticking together.

Brunnings Native Plant Food 2.5kg

Brunnings Native Plant Food is a specially formulated low-phosphorus native plant food blend that provides essential nutrients for fertilising a wide range of Australian native plants, trees and shrubs which exhibit sensitivity to phosphorus including Banksias, Grevilleas, Waratahs, Gums, Figs and Proteas.

Brunnings Rose Food 2.5kg

Brunnings Rose Food provides essential nutrients for vigorous, healthy rose growth and beautiful blooms.

Galvanised Wire 1mm x 50m

Gardman Galvanised Garden Wire is a durable, rust proof galvanised steel wire ideal for tying, training, supporting and fixing in the garden and home. Suitable for all your general purpose home and garden needs.